DEPARTMENT OF URBAN PLANNING Information on Spatila Urban Plan/General Urban Plan and detailed regulation plans

  • The planning documentation on the territory of the municipality of Paracin, which was adopted and covers the most promising industrial and potential investment locations, is as follows:

    - План детаљне регулације индустријске зоне ''Змич'' у Параћину (СЛО 1/2005 од 14.10.2005.)

    - Detailed regulation plan ''M5'' in Paracin (SLO 18/2009 of 26 December 2009)
    - Amendments to the Plan of General Regulation of the settlement of Paraćin (SLO 7/2018 of 07 March 2018)

    All Detailed Regulation Plans, General Regulation Plans, as well as the Spatial Plan of the Municipality of Paracin, are visible on the official website of the Municipality of Paracin at the following address
  • In addition to this type of insight into the planning documents, the Plans are also visible on the GIS of the municipality of Paracin, in digital form, with all the accompanying information for a specific location within a planning document. The plans are also available to interested parties in analog form, in the premises of the Department for Urban Planning and Property Legal Affairs.
  • The entire procedure for issuing a building permit is carried out on the basis of appropriate planning documentation, or, if necessary, by developing the location through an urban project, if this is prescribed by the planning documentation.
  • At the beginning of this year, the project Development of GIS in the municipality of Paracin was completed through the EUPRO programme, and one of the activities of the project itself was the creation of the GIS portal of the municipality of Paracin and the placement of spatial and urban plans on the portal. The result of all this is that the municipality of Paracin has an established geographic information system, and all adopted spatial and urban plans have been processed and converted into the appropriate GIS format and are visible on the portal through an interactive display of the desired information. By clicking on the desired one.

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