Budućnost LLC from Paraćin, Tome Živanovića bb

  • The total basis of the hall is 1,625 m2, which can be seen from the attached copy of the plan.
  • The basis of the production part is about 1,480 m2 (about 118m long and 12.5m wide)
  • Hall height (up to the roof structure is 7.60 m) 
  • The hall has one bridge crane, with a load capacity of 6.3 tons.
  • The height of the hall to the crane track is 6.3 meters.
  • There are 3 entrances to the hall (2 from the side and one from the front).
  • Each entrance is 4 meters high and 4 meters wide. 
  • There is an annex to the hall with total area of 250 m2 (warehouse space, height 3.6 - 3.0 m).
  • Office space has about 290 m2 (2 levels, GF + 1, 145 m2).
  • Office space is organized in 8 offices (3 on the ground floor and 5 on the first floor, with 4 bathrooms, kitchen...).
  • The hall is supplied with electricity by a transformer of 1,000 KVA, located in MBTS 2x1000 KVA, so that, in case of need, it is possible to add another transformer.
  • There are 2 compressors in operation to supply compressor air, for the needs of higher capacity there is a compressor that can be put into operation immediately
  • The heating of the hall, as well as the office space is on electricity.
  • Possibility of gas connection
  • Concrete floors

Within the company Budućnost, there are 2 more production halls that are larger in total area:

  • Hall ''Budućnost 2'': 2250m2 whose height is 6.5m
  • Hall ''Budućnost 3'': 2150m2 whose height is 7.0m

Општинска управа Параћин, Томе Живановића 10. ,35250 Параћин , Србија
телефон +381 35 563 601 , факс +381 35 563 165, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.