Based on the project Development of GIS in the municipality of Paraćin, a GIS portal was created, where you can see many spatial data (raster and vector), related to the municipality of Paraćin through several modules

  • General map (spatial units, digital cadastral plan, address system, road network)
  • Detailed regulation plans (all adopted detailed regulation plans on the territory of the municipality of Paraćin can be seen on the portal)
  • General regulation plan of the settlement of Paraćin
  • Greenfield investments (vacant plots and locations within the industrial zone, with the aim of attracting new investments and opening new companies)
  • Records of public property (a set of spatial and alphanumeric data visible on the portal, i.e. a display of cadastral plots that are owned or co-owned by the municipality of Paracin)
  • Tourism (spatial display of tourist and hospitality facilities)

In addition to these modules on the portal, there are so-called STORY maps that provide timely information from the field of tourism, i.e. data about churches and monasteries in the territory of the municipality of Paraćin, rivers, hospitality facilities, as well as cultural institutions.

The main purpose and goal of the existence of this GIS portal is to collect as much information and spatial data as possible in one place, in order to facilitate and accelerate the planning, management and decision-making processes, to facilitate the work of employees in local self-government and local public enterprises, and also for the citizens of the municipality of Paracin. who would satisfy their needs for information on the territory of our municipality.

The address of the portal is:

Општинска управа Параћин, Томе Живановића 10. ,35250 Параћин , Србија
телефон +381 35 563 601 , факс +381 35 563 165, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.