According to Agreement No. 08-3-94/21 dated August 2, 2021. concluded between the Municipality of Paracin and the Business Registers Agency, our municipal Office bears serial number 17 and is in charge of receiving all requests submitted with the aim of registering business entities and entrepreneurs. The municipal Office is obliged to submit the documentation, no later than the next day, to the Business Registers Agency.

In our Office, the documentation is physically received, filed and a certificate of receipt is issued, and then it is forwarded to the Business Registers Agency by post.

For the registration of a business entity (entrepreneurial business), it is necessary to enclose:

  • Personal ID card
  • The request form, which is filled out on the spot, electronically, in the office no. 4 in the municipality of Paracin, Str. Tome Živanovica 10
  • Proof of payment of the establishment fee prescribed by the Decision on fees for registration and other services provided by the Business Registers Agency.

After filling out, the request form is sent by express post to Belgrade to the Business Registers Agency for registration.

Upon receiving the decision from the Business Registers Agency, entrepreneurs are invited to pick up the decision and are given information for further action

At the request of the business entity, the Office provides the information necessary for issuing the following documents:

  • confirmation
  • copy of the decision
  • excerpt
  • as well as for deletion, or all kinds of changes that a business entity requires, and which concern entrepreneurial actions.

All the necessary information can be found on the website of the Business Registers Agency.  ( )
Besides, the Office can also provide as wellas certificates from the archives of the local self-government on the duration of entrepreneurial actions that were established before 2005.

For all additional information:
The office No. 4
035/563-601, extension 125
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Municipality of Paracin
Tome Zivanovica 10, 35250 Paracin

Општинска управа Параћин, Томе Живановића 10. ,35250 Параћин , Србија
телефон +381 35 563 601 , факс +381 35 563 165, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.