Position :
It is located next to the railway, the state road of II A order and Corridor 10, between towns Paracin and Cuprija

Industrial zone "ZMIČ" An ideal place for your business:

  • Free area: 14.2662 ha / occupied area: 14.9154 ha
  • Ownership: Municipality of Paracin
  • Purpose: industrial production, trade, catering, crafts, other service activities
  • Zone shape - trapezoidal 670 x 728m
  • Altitude 122.50 to 123.30m

The state of infrastructure:

  • Detailed regulation plan and all necessary technical documentation prepared
  • Built infrastructure for the needs of existing and potential investors: roads, water supply, sewerage, electricity, gas
  • 3 substations of power TS 2x630 KVA in use
  • Preparations are underway for the construction of the 4 MVA power line (max power at the location- 2x8 MVA)


  • Water: diameter of PVC pipes to the pressure boosting plant Ǿ 200mm, behind the plant within the zone Ǿ 110mm Pressure: min 1.5 bar / max 3.5 bar
  • Fecal sewage : One pump station main line along roads V and VI entrance to the zone Ǿ 300mm / secondary lines within the zone Ǿ 200mm
  • Atmospheric sewage : on built roads in the zone Ǿ 200mm
  • Gas: currently-available capacity 1200 m3 / h, pressure 3.5 bar, possible up to 4000m3 / h
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Општинска управа Параћин, Томе Живановића 10. ,35250 Параћин , Србија
телефон +381 35 563 601 , факс +381 35 563 165, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.